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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Do you have PAT support re-enabled (as described in the other
thread)? But even then, for me, worst case latency has never
been more then something about 600 microseconds (because
of cache flushing when a 3D app start or stops).

When no 3D app runs, latencies should actually never be
higher that 30 microseconds. If you have high latencies,
especially under high disk load, i then suspect there might
be a similar somewhat hardware related problem as with
the nforce4 SATA controller. For details, please check the
following thread:

BTW.: I never recognized high latencies while switching VTs, but
i have to admit that i didn't checked that extensivly, because
the nvidia driver tends to freeze the machine when doing so :-)

Can you please re-run your tests with fbdev and/or the OSS
nvidia driver? If you still get high latencies, then you should
contact Ingo Molnar and Thomas Gleixner (the realtime preemption
patch maintainers).


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