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Lou Natic
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The only real reason why all these lame old benchmarks are still in use is because there really haven't been any new games using new engines introduced this year that really tax the newer systems. All the more recent FPS games of this year are all Q3-based, so there is no real benefit from trying to use them as a benchmark. Serious Sam 2 benchmarks are in a similar boat, considering that engine is pretty much the same engine as the original. And then there is the biggest waste of time of them all, the 3dmark test, which can be faked and hacked numerous ways.

I totally agree with the need for the removing of 640x480 from any review of newer hardware, the lowest resolution should probably be raised to atleast 1024x768. For people insisting on playing their games at 640x480 resolution, they hardly need a Ti4600 (or a Ti200 for that matter). I want to see more emphasis on high resolution gaming: my monitor 19" KDS can do 85hz at 1600x1200-32 which is alot better than the average 60hz that most 19"ers on the market sport at the moment.