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Default Re: Boys will be boys, or girls, or orcs

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
I've never played a female toon. IMO, people play them to get free things from Male players (this has been going on for years and years). I personally think it's dishonest. I generally won't believe a female toon is a woman unless I at least Teamspeak/Ventrillo with her/him. That is how you find out now adays...I had a friend who (even though he had a girlfriend) got all excited when he started "in game dating" some toon. A few days in, they were out for a nice picnic on a planet in SWG, when the guy confessed and laughed alot. There are wierd people out there...
No you mean you'd play them to get free stuff from morons. If you are playing a MMORPG you need to understand that the majority of toons are not representive of the people they are playing. I've known many a female player who plays a male or female toon same goes for guys.

If you seriously think that you can determine someones sex from the toon they play then you will be in for a rude awaking. Besides only pervs and child molestors try to hit on video female toons. Probably the same perverted morons who think phone sex operates are all easy hot babes.
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