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Default Re: X11R7.1 about to enter FC5-updates. Driver support?

None of what you've said is a problem with nvidia, it is a problem with your distros. I know for a fact that Gentoo have held back moving xorg-7.1 to stable on x86 and x86_64 because of the nvidia and ati issues, because they realise that if everyone upgrades, the forums will get flooded with the same old "My xorg doesn't work with nvidia driver 1.0-8762". They left the option to upgrade to xorg-7.1 down to each user. Yes, nvidia have taken their time, but given what I've heard about what the 9xxx series has in store, it will be worth it. Remember, it is the distros responsibility to provide a stable system with the current set of drivers available for ALL hardware.

And remember this, nvidia is a business. The majority of their money and customers are windows based, linux is secondary. They make either nearly no or actually no money from supporting linux, and only good will is making them do it. If you threaten, they might just pull the whole operation and put up a giant "Sod you Linux users, you ungrateful bunch of people". Chill dude.

NOTE: I'm not affiliated with nvidia, I just like them.
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