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Default Re: X11R7.1 about to enter FC5-updates. Driver support?

What's with all this bitching? All the major distro's are supported. The nvidia driver works fine in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat and SuSE. Nobody cares about Gentoo. You can't expect nvidia to release drivers _before_ the major distro's move on, there's nothing to gain in doing that.

Also, that comment about ATi supporting Xorg 7.1 is funny. It almost sounds like they have a competitive driver, it's just too bad that a 6600GT will beat an X1900XT in Linux. Not that it would justify nvidia being lazy with their drivers, but they're not.

I'm just so tired of reading about how evil nvidia is and how much they suck for not open-sourcing their drivers etc. It's just not gonna happen! Read one of the thousands of earlier discussions about the issues! And accept the fact that they can't satisfy Gentoo fanatics that upgrade to 7.1 the day of the release!
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