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Default Quadro 2500 and Twinview. Second screen is black but the logs say everything is ok.


Im having some severe problems getting my twinview setup working.
I belive I've done everything correctly, and when launching X everything seems fine.
X detects the twinview settings, and both monitors, and launches "the wider settings", which stretches the workspace over both monitors, instead of the single-monitor settings. Problem is that nothing apperes on the external monitor. Just the "No Connection/Check Signal Cable" message. (yes, cycled sources and still nothing).

I cant figure out what's wrong. X detects the screen as it should. Running with these settings gives me a half desktop on my laptop and a blank screen to the right. starting X without having the dvi cable plugged gives me fullscreen on the laptop, but that aint twinview :/
Grep'ing after WW or EE in the xorg log only gives me hits bout some fontpath, and the synaptics pad. Nothing about gfx/twinview. Im running out of ideas... please give me hope

Im running a dell M90 laptop and a Samsung Syncmaster 193T as external monitor via dvi.
Please help, or at least point me in the right direction.

full verbose bugreport is included.

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