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Default Re: Cencored nVidia Forum about Fedora?

there is half a douzend threads about 7.1 and nvidia drivers. Maybe even more. And you complain, that one of that useless whiney threads got closed?

It does not matter, that it has 'fedora' in its subject. It was just another 7.1 'when do we get drivers' thread. And we have more than enough of them.

That is not censoring, that is cleaning up a big mess.

If you want to discuss 7.1 - there are enough threads.

And please... there are so many fedora threads.. do you really think, that there is any anti-fedora stance?

Heck, they help the users with the f* SElinux stuff, that only makes the life of the users worse.

So, how do you get to the conclusion, that fedora threads are censored?

If you have read this forum, this thought would have seemed ridiculous for you.
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