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Default Re: Problems with incomplete HDTV EDID

Your diagnosis about Philips and modes/resolutions is correct. These people really don't know what they are doing.
I have another type of TV (32") and similar to yours, it supports completely uneasonable modes. There is no mode at all that can drive the panel to its native resolution, so forget about 1366x768 attempts.
My TV supports 1024x768 at 4:3 resolution (big black side borders) and I have extrapolated that to 1280x768 at 15:9 (small black side borders) but I am not completely certain it is a pixel-for-pixel accurate mode. I drive it via VGA.
It also supports 1280x720 with borders all-around and this looks like pixel-for-pixel (but does not use the entire screen).

The only thing that fills the entire screen is the 1080i HD mode, but the image is scaled from 1920x1080 to the panel resolution, after first removing an "overscan area". So you have no pixel-for-pixel mapping an lose a small band all around the picture, which is annoying when displaying a desktop.

But OK, when you want to go for that, you can use this modeline:
Modeline "1920x1080i60" 74.25 1920 1976 2008 2200 1080 1083 1085 1125 +Hsync+Vsync Interlace

As written before, I use this with VGA (I don't have a DVI or HDMI cable long enough to cover the distance between my PC and TV). It could be that it does not work with DVI or HDMI.
At least you will have to add the magic options to turn off the EDID retrieval, or else the driver will complain that the mode is invalid.
(I will not rant about that here as I already did that in another thread today)
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