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Unhappy frame rate

dont know if this belongs here or what but here goes

playing eve-online with ubuntu and cedega my frame rates are horrible 40fps in station and 19 in space that being if i dont move the mouse then it drops lower.

i have been all over ubuntu forum on tweaking my settings and have gotten nowhere, so im asking here upon advice from a ubuntu tech.

i first had problems with agp not being enabled and then once i got them enabled we tried enabling fastwrite and sba which only made things worse.
i might add that fastwrite was already enabled and sba was disabled before we did anything, now its exactly the oposite .

please please tell me there is a tweak or fix for this before i have to ditch linux and return to the evil empire of m$

using geforce 7800 gs oc 256
giga-byte mb
amd 64 3200
1 gig dual channel ddr ram

p.s im a linux noob so dont kill me with geek please
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