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Default Re: CRT detection and/or DFP ignore doesn't work longer in newer driver versions

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm not sure that I fully understand your setup. Are you stating that you have one videocard, and 3 display devices attached to it? If so, this has never been a supported configuration, and if it worked in the past, that was on pure luck on your part. If I'm misunderstanding your setup, please generate and provide an nvidia-bug-report.log which captures the problem.

Yes, I do have three devices connected at one videocard, but I do only use two of them at once. I change my xorg.conf file when I want to use the third device.

As I said, the videocard have two DVI connectors. I use one DFP connected to the first DVI connector, and an Y-split connected to the second one, which have one CRT and one DFP device connected.

Earlier I could use the ConnectedMonitor option to choose if I wanted to use either the CRT or the DFP device that is connected to the second DVI port on the videocard. According to the Xorg.log it now (with the newer drivers) only detects the DFP displays when the DFP display is connected. If I downgrade the drivers, it works OK and allows usage of the CRT-1 device. Or, if I disconnect the DFP display, it works OK and allows usage of the CRT-1 device.

It would be great if I didn't have to crawl under the table or use older drivers to switch between which device I want as the secondary one.
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