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Originally posted by ChrisRay
*sigh* Pixel Shader embossing for textures is relevent in many cases, Its just amazing that you don't see that,

And other features do indeed make it relevent, I was simply giving you a scenerio where the Pixel Shader limitations are relevent for anyone who is doing programming for fun.

But you just wanna come off insulting rather than provide real arguments.

And yes, A Computer Novice who goes to a store, Buys a Pentium 3 Ghz, And whatever, Buys their computer in the hopes that they won't have to buy another one for another 4 years, But I imagine someone with limitless money wouldn't understand that.

And no, I stated that I can understand why Carmack chose to use the Nv30 series over the r300 series for his basis for future platforms, Offering more instructions, More programmable precision levels, Makes it a better basis for future engines.

You simply don't see that, And you'd rather come off insulting because I think the r300 has a limited Pixel Shader array featuring a fixed floating point shader,

sorry you disagree, Frankly I don't care, Because something tells me. You aren't doing much OpenGL/direct3d programming for it to matter to you.
How is pixel shading embossing in 16-bit more important than doing it in 24-bit. I'd just like to hear some things that can be done in 16-bit that can't be done in 24. It seems to me that you're assuming the R300 would get a big performance boost using 16-bit over 24 in the same way the FX gets a boost from doing 16 over 32. That's how I'm interpreting you.
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