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Default Re: [Ubuntu] nVidia driver 1.0.8762 and black screen -similar here any drvr othr GPU?

Hi, Manthis.

I've a similar problem - was about to open a new thread, but first I'll wait whether any response may come here. Here's my description:

Setup: one or two ASUS 7600GT PCI-E in P5N-SLI Deluxe board.
Drivers: Linux 8762 and many drivers before, XFree86 or X11 *or*
Windows 2000 and all recent drivers there as well.

In Linux, most often, system boot up to X11 ends in black screen, but system is running, and monitor says it synced in target resolution. Very often, switching from virtual text console to graph screen does the same. In Linux, I can get display by either using Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill X11 and restart it, or by switching to/from text console multiple times.

In Windows, system boot often ends in black screen when hires graphic login screen should appear. Though the system runs well, behind the black screen here too, as there's no such convenient switch to text and back, most often I need to reboot until I finally get a *visible* screen. Only alternative worked sometimes was standby->restore.

Motherboard has newest BIOS (same behaviour with 2 BIOS generations before). No error messages in log files - everything as if all would work normal, only a bit of visible colour missing from display.

The problem occurs in about 4 of 5 graphic display activations (i.e., I need 1 (rare) to maybe 4 (often) to maybe 10 (rare) tries before the display is visible. Then, it stays stable until the next text screen and back - which is extremely annoying in Windows (no reliable method of initializing graphics display without reboot).

Nvidia, when asked directly, couldn't provide any insight, and Asus said, they wouldn't know about such a problem. Asus also say they don't have newer GPU Bios, although I saw one newer 7600 GT BIOS in the WWW (not tested yet).

Manthis, does it happen to you only on the 8762 driver? And only in Linux? Then it's definitely not the same...

Greetings, Joerg
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