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Default Re: Would it be possible to have good 2d with nv ?

The nv driver should handle 2d fine but I expect that nvidia will never add XvMC to it. There are several reasons why I think they won't add it and for the same reasons even companies like Intel aren't adding the code. First of all there's quite a number of IP in XvMC related technology and second releasing the code would reveal important parts of how the GPU does the mpeg decoding / sending it to the card including MacroVision stuff. If this stuff was open people could easily workaround these copyprotections in Windows, OSX, Linux and other operating systems.

You can say that there are lots of opensource mediaplayers which can be used to dump content aswell. In this case it is more about DRM-protected content which users would be able to copy if the XvMC code was open. Companies like Apple, Real, Microsoft and movie companies wouldn't be happy about this.

So releasing XvMC specifications would reveal information about how to bypass various content related copy protections. (In case of Intel there's some comment about this on the xorg lists which mentions that the updated opensource Intel drivers need a small binary driver for XvMC)
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