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Default Window regions... (TwinView?)

I didn't know wich exact topic to search for this question, I did do some queries, but found nothing that could help me..

I read in the Nvidia Linux readme that it is possible to let Nvidia give throught 'regions' to xinerama.

With this I mean that if I maximise a window, it is not automatically spanned across my whole twinview, but stay's on 1 monitor...

I tried a couple of hours now with a lot of xorg.conf, but nothing gave the desired result.

Is anyone able to give me some tips ?

Ps. I know my way around configs, so don't be scared to ask me something

Attached are the bug report, and the xorg.conf as usual

SuSE Linux 10.1

Geforce 6600GT (Club3d)

2x Iiyama TFT's 17"
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