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Default Re: yet again screen frozen mouse moves bug

Another sufferer of the screen and keyboard freeze but mouse cursor still moves NVIDIA hell. And on different computers with different NVIDA MX4xx cards either integrated in the motherboard or as AGP card.

But this is where it gets interesting. I have run SuSE 9.x on the same hardware with NO problems. And after a number of tries I managed to install SuSE Linux 10.0 on my AMD processor based server after which it was stable for about 5 months, both as internet web server and for browsing or other work on the server under KDE.
So seemingly about 5 months ago there was a combination of software, drivers and settings which worked on the hardware. But I didn't note down what exactly I did at the time to get the installation to work properly.
However, during leave something changed, probably due to automatic updating. And on returning from leave, at most 2 minutes of screen activity --or between 5 and 10 mouseclicks-- and freeze-hell. Eventually tried reinstalling SuSE 10.0, but consistently end in freeze-hell. This despite the fact that I am installing from the same DVD as several months ago. But several months ago the installation itsself caused problems, while now it progresses more normally ???

Tried using either the nv or nvidia driver: same result.

Tried installing SuSE 10.0 on an Medion Intel based PC, same result. This both after upgrading from SuSE 9.x, or after reformating the hard disk as part of th installation.

Tried getting info from Novell: not even a whisper as reply. So much for Novell SuSE, I-m switching to another distro as Novell has taken on MS airs.

Browsed the internet and found this bug has been reported for more than a year now !!! And it still seems not to have been resolved !!!

Personally I couldn't care less whether it is the NVIDIA driver or certain series of kernels or the or whatever that is causing the problem. It is absolutely clear that the NVIDIA hardware / software is part of the problem. So somebody should get their act together and get this problem fixed, either by ensuring all distro's are updated ASAP with drivers which work around the problem, or by getting Xfree86 or the kernel gods to correct their bugs and get all distro's updated ASAP.

I don't even care what damage this problem is causing the image of NVidia (given the choice, no more NVidia hardware for me anytime in the near future, thank you very much). This problem is imho of such seriousness that it is a threat to Linux and acceptance of Linux. And that concerns me highly. Here we have an operating system and software which is helping millions of people get into the computer age, helps many people start small bussiness around the world, runs significant parts of the Internet, and runs some of the most powerfull supercomputers in the world, just to name a few.... and we try and destroy it by not bothering to fix some stupid video-hardware related software bug ???
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