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Default Re: Soft and hard lockups with 1.0-8762

Awesome! Right as I was about to post my response, it crashed again :P

0. I'll try to personally verify this soon. I know the symptom happens with older kernels (not sure of specifically) because I have a friend running a dual-core Opteron that has experienced the same instability problems with 1.0-8762. He does not use release candidate kernels.

1. 1.0-8178.

2. Can't boot without noapic and can't boot with normal ACPI. The board is an ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe.

3. No, but I'm pretty sure it is.

My friend hasn't reported his identical problem (well, same symptoms anyway) yet because this forum won't take a free e-mail address. When I speak to him again, I'll fetch a copy of his bug report and post on his behalf.
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