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Default How do I restore original resolution after a fullscreen dumb app changed it?

I started a wine program which tried to get fullscreen at a specific resolution. It crashed after setting the resolution of the display from 1920x1200 to 1024x768.

In the past I know that I could go back to 1920x1200 with Control-Alt-"-".

However, that does not work anymore. Control-Alt-"+" and Control-Alt-"-" do work and switch fine but "-" only goes up to the resolution that the game set, not to what I have configured in the x11 server.

What I need is a commandline program to say "apply modeline 1920x1200dell3". What I have is a little commandline tool for XF86VidModeSwitchMode(3), but that only does the same thing as Control-Alt-"-/+", via the "zoom" argument.

I suppose I can just use XF86VidModeSwitchToMode(3) to do what I want, but it only seems to take a full modeline with all numbers which is not sportish. Is there a similar call that can use the symbolic name from xorg.conf?

Any magic switch I overlooked?

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