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Default nVidia Driver breaks X Server on SuSE 10.1

SuSE Linux 10.1
nVidia 7900 gs
nForce4 SLi Intel(i dont know if this matters)

ok so im trying to get 3d rendering running on my computer. iv been working on this for the better part of a month. So i get a fresh install of SuSE 10.1. i install gcc and kernel-source. i do the tiny-nvidia-installer/kmod and use the nvidia-xconfig. then the x server is wierd. what happens is several programs wont open windows. for instance wine will give me an error saying X11 failers to open a window and My Computer wont open on the desktop. when i click it i get sysinfo:/: died unexpectedly.

i also tried using the packages from i added the installation source and got the two packages i needed. sysinfo:/: worked fine but i couldn't use wine. also when i reboot the computer i cant get x server to start again. i tried this method on both a fresh install and after i installed teh kmod and both had the smae results.

anyone know how to fix the problem? iv installed the OS and tried this over and over again about 20 times. currently i have the kmod way installed and sysinfo:/: isnt working. it is a bare bones install other then that.
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