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Default Re: Slow performance, FX 5200 on AGP, 87xx drivers <25fps in games.

I have not been able to upgrade my BIOS because I don't have a floppy drive or a CD drive (and, believe it or not, this is the first time I've had a need for either). I've been thinking about trying to boot the BIOS upgrade disk image from a spare partition on my hard drive. It currently does not have any AGP settings in the menus (it is the most dumbed-down BIOS I've ever used). The motherboard is a Gige-Byte GA-7VM400M. It says it supports 8x AGP. I know that doesn't ensure a quality implementation, but surely any 8x implementation can pump more than 25fps in Savage @ 1024x768. It's not Far Cry we're talking about :]

I've used older drivers on this card in the past. I don't know if I really had it working then or not. I didn't realize that I was having GPU issues because I always assumed all of the "lag" in-game was caused by my horrible Internet connection and Savage's stupid idea of sending only 15 network frames per second (which makes 10fps from the GPU not that much worse than the max 15fps everyone else in-game see). Also, those older drivers were used on a previously installation of Debian. A few months ago my hard drive started to die so I re-installed to a new hard drive and then copied over /etc and setup all of the packages using dpkg --get-selections and dpkg --set-selections.

I do know that older drivers worked with this motherboard in the past with a Ti4200 (maybe a Ti4400), giving me 100+fps in Savage -- but that was before Savage was using SEP, etc. I've tried using other games to test, but it seems like all of the games with an FPS counter (e.g. Q3demo) won't install or run because my kernel or X is too new -- I really wish that NVidia would include a benchmarking tool with their drivers instead of the current approach which is to say "glx is not a benchmark" without offering an alternative. Btw, my glxgears FPS is between 800fps and 1300fps depending on different kernel versions and AGP drivers (i.e. agpgart vs NvAGP).

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