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Default Re: nVidia Driver breaks X Server on SuSE 10.1

the method for installing the driver is exactly what i did. and i tried adding the option renderaccell line but it did nothing.

also iv never seen the nvidia slash screen until now. people always talked about how anoying it was. when i start x it flashes just long enough to see the icon and dissapears. this is the first time iv ever seen it. i dont know it that will mean anything to anyone.

currently im dealing with a fresh install with the nvidia kernel module installed and sax2 configured. everyting is updated. i am running xorg 7.1. the module is the newest version on nvidias site. all that seems to be messed up so far is that sysinfo:/: doesn't work but i havnt tried any programs. im assuming if i reinstalled wine and tried runngin winecfg it would do the same thing as it did every other time, give me an error X11 couldn't open window, driver not found. i also have xgl/compiz running perfectly, it was part of the instructions i followed to install the driver.

anyone else have any thoughts how i could fix this?
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