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Default Re: Slow performance, FX 5200 on AGP, 87xx drivers <25fps in games.

I feel even more like a fool now. I do not have a GA-7VM400M. I have a 7VM400M-RZ. I upgraded to the newest BIOS, which does not mention a 4x/8x AGP control feature, but my Savage frame rate increased to 25fps @ 1280x1024. I still think this is very low compared to my Ti4400 performance in the same game. My 25fps now is with the lowest quality settings while I used to play Savage with the medium quality settings.

I figured out a way to test CPU load while running Savage. I open a terminal and run this command, then start Savage:
while [ 1 ]; do ps ax -o pcpu,cmd | sort -n | tail -n 1 >> /tmp/rep; sleep 1; done
The /tmp/rep file shows 90%+ CPU load from Savage the entire time it runs. Here is a snippet of the file:
91.0 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.1 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.3 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.4 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.6 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.7 ./silverback.bin set mod game
91.8 ./silverback.bin set mod game
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