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Default Recommendations for a nVidia card for Linux 64bit.

I am new to nVidia, hoping to defect from an ATI RAdeon 9550.

I am looking for a nVidia AGP 256MB graphics card to be used in a Linux Machine, running 64 & 32bit debian based distros; Xubuntu and agnula/demuidi.

I need screen res of 1920 x 1200 for a Dell 24" tft screen.

I really do not know the pecking order of nVidia card, I have a bugdet of about 75-90, I am based in the UK.

I have seen these as possible options:

XFX Geforce 6800XTreme 256MB DDR3 AGP Dual DVI TV Out

Club 3D nVidia GeForce 7600GS 256MB DDR3 DVI/TV Out (AGP) - Retail

Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

I really want a card that works with Linux and gives nice pleasing graphics.

MY other HW is a self built AMD64 3200 2.0GHz CPU, 1G Ram, several HDDs.

MAny thanks for any advice on this.
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