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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
...P.S. You guys don't play at those graphic levels I bet ? Doing so would make a for slide show on most mid-high end pc.
Yes I do

I have CPU AMD 3000 xp+ (32 bits) 1.5 go of ram , nforce2 onboard, GPU 7800Gs 256 Mb AGP

I play in the highest quality mode (with some setting even higher than default value from SOE setting).
I only reduce shadows when I am in full group or raid .

The minimun FPS is 7 (during battle if I keep the shadows activated) the maximum is 64 (somewhere in the thundering steps by example) , average is 20 to 25.(highest ,but it is not significant, was 107 looking the sky)

Nvidia driver setting are : high quality - anisotropic texture on 8 - aa desactivated.
Resolution is 1280x1024

This game is really the best MMORPG I have ever played and I am still in for a long time.

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