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Default Re: Bug Tracker for Nvidia Linux driver related bugs?

Originally Posted by pe1chl
Apparently there is a bug tracking system inside nvidia, you sometimes see the nvidia employees on this forum acknowledge that a bug exists and reporting under which number they filed it.
But it is not open to the external world, so you cannot access it to check the status of those bugs.
Yeah I can imagine that there is one, but why is it closed? I remember the time I used to search for my problem in this forum. The Problem is that I don't know if somebody did a bug report already and this alone may lead to many duplicate reports the nvidia devs get over mail. Not to speak about the "trash" threads a user has to crawl through because bugs and other stuff is mixed in this forum.
The other thing is that I remember a very fast response from one nvidia dev but I wondered about this email communication. How much information is going to be lost because the dev is writing to somebody personally.
I am sure that many examples can be added to this to finalize, that such a system would make sense, not only for the users but also (if not even more) for the devs.
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