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Default Re: GeForce Go linux drivers

Another data point. I wonder if there is something the matter with the memory allocation for this card. It shares the system memory and I can adjust the frame buffer size from the BIOS, but what the driver reports does not correspond:

Frame Buffer Size (MB), System Memory (KB), NVidia Memory (KB)
16, 498504, 131072
32, 482248, 131072
64, 449736, 262144
128, 384712, 131072

[Frame buffer size is set in the BIOS, system memory is MemTotal from /proc/meminfo and Nvidia memory is what is reported in Xorg.0.log as VideoRAM.]

The system memory decreases as I increase the frame buffer size in the BIOS, however except for the blip at 64MB where it doubles to 256M, the NVidia memory does not change.

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