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Default LUT loading with TwinView bug in nvidia driver X API support

The latest version of ArgyllCMS (version 0.60) has a LUT loader (dispwin) that will work on Windows, Mac OS/X and on standard X windows installations with multi-monitor setups. But it appears that TwinView does not properly implement the needed X windows APIs for this to work. Here is what the author of ArgyllCMS has to say about this:

"TwinView and MergeFB both have the facility to emulate Xinerama to provide the hints needed
for applications to position windows intelligently, but both fail to implement the XFree86-VidModeExtension in a way that allows access to the Video LUTs of the underlying screens.

I will modify dispwin to avoid the X error that occurs when just scanning for the different screens, but I will simply be recommending that anyone who wants to have color calibrated displays on Linux/X11 not use TwinView or MergeFB."

Does anyone know if nvidia is going to fix this bug anytime soon? Or do I need to stop using TwinView and revert to native Xinerama? I consisder this to be a very serious bug. I hope that someone responds to this.
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