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Default Re: Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Originally Posted by Tamorok
Seems your not delving deep enough into the information of WAR... first of all its not possible to say any game stole anything from WoW, as WoW stole things from DAoC and other previous MMO's and made them more user friendly to get more children to play (including being based off of the original Warhammer lore). Anyway, the game looks great.
Did I ever mention anything stole anything from a game? Open your close mind abit... I know you come here to advertise the game and get people talking about it but honestly it looks boring.

Mythic has some talent but they also have alot of problems... lack of community support for one and the other being the horrendous customer support (I can't imagine how horrible it will be now with EA backing them).
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