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Originally posted by jbirney
Paper launches are becoming the norm.
that hardly makes it acceptable

Also if my source is correct some sites did have 9600 but were not allowed to post benchmark scores as the clock speed was not finalized. Remember back when R300 was first offically benchmarked? Remember how they tried to guess the performance of the 9500/pros (using downclocked boards, or boards with memory missing)? Remember how far off they were? Its my guess that ATI wanted to avoid all of that and wait till they had the final cards speced before allowing bechmarks out on them. Again big guess on my part.
right, so are speeds finalized yet? this is something you have failed to comment on. when do you think they will give us benchmarks?

BTW you really did not epect to see benchmarks on April 1st did you?
no, but I was giving the person who said it the benefit of the doubt.

Today ATI annouces that the 9800 cards are shipping which is within the 30day window they promissed on the 9800s.

Now if the above is correct the 9200/9600 should ship before the end of this month. Which puts them on par or close when you can buy a FX5200/5600.

Aslo ATI has said that they will have a Rv350 version prices at the $100 MSRP to combat the DX9 for $79 campain. So they are not really standing still
great. so they launched 3 cards on the same day on the 6th of March. they are now shipping one of those cards. and we still don't even have benchmarks from the other two cards that were launched!
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