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Default PCIe x16 SLI card in x16 (x8 electrical) slot runs at x1

I just setup a server/workstation board that has a PCIe x16 slot that is clearly documented as "x8 electrical". The BIOS and Xorg report its running as only x1. I would like to get it running at x8. I've done a lot of reading, but most scenarios like this are documented vaguely or not at all. In fact, I assumed a 50/50 chance the card would not work at all!

board: Tyan S5160A Intel E7230 chipset with x16 ("x8 electrical")
card: MSI NX7600GS "SLI ready"
OS: FC5 linux 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5smp
Xorg: 7.0.0
driver: nvidia binary 8762

I thought my chances of x8 success would have been improved by using a video chipset approved by Tyan for that board and one that supports SLI which as I understand it often runs 1 or 2 cards in x8 mode in a x16 slot.

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