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Originally Posted by Tamorok
Why do you troll the MMO forum when you obviously dislike MMO's?
Wow Noobie... for 3 posts you seem to know so much about me... why don't you do a quick search into something before you open your mouth.

I played Everquest for 5+ years, I played EQ2, WoW and DAOC all when they originally released. I recently returned to EQ1 thanks to the Progression Servers and I have expressed my love for Vangaurds on MANY occasions...

I have played and spent more hours in MMOs total then jAkUp has posts...

If DAOC had "decent" support many customers wouldn't have left the game due to lack of patches, billing issues (Sign up for a free trial and still get billed, yay?) and just lack of content. The game when it originally released was hailed at the next EQ but saddly didn't have the staying power, but the same can be said about WoW with many people leaving before a year of release due to boredom...
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