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Default Re: CRT detection and/or DFP ignore doesn't work longer in newer driver versions

Originally Posted by netllama
Using a Y-split connector to two display devices off of one CRTC has never been a supported configuration, and you were lucky that it ever worked with older drivers. My best guess is that there was a bug lurking somewhere that happened to allow your corner case to work, and that bug was fixed in the latest driver.
The Y-split was in the package of a nVIDIA GeForce FX5700 card (with two DVI heads) that I head earlier. If using a Y-split is not a supported configuration, why does it get shipped with my nvidia card?

As I tried to say, I'm not using three displays at once, but I use two xorg.conf files, so I can choose whatever I want to use my primary pc display (dvi) and my secondary lcd (my tv via dvi), or my primary pc display and my projector (analouge vga/crt).

The only thing I used the Y-split for is so I don't have to re-plug my cables each time I want to alternate between using the tv or the projector as the secondary screen. And since it worked perfectly before, why shouldn't it do that now?

Oh yeah, and the Y-split is like this: It got one DVI connector in the first end, connected to the video board. In the second end, it got one DVI/DFP connector, and one analouge vga/crt-connector.
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