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Default Re: From default NV at 75 vert HZ to nvidia at max 58Hz, what's wrong?

HAHA, this is funny I just Googled my username and this thread came up...

Mr Marmalade; very true; 60Hz is an old prehistoric default, I don't know any monitor that can't handle 75Hz these days.

The rest of you guys it is "very" noticeable... I think mentioned this... There is a constant wave through my monitor at 60Hz which does aggravate my eyes. It starts from the top right corner and constantly ripples through to the bottom left corner. 75Hz does "NOT" have this constant wave.

It is already well known for people to go blind fast with the screen at low hz. As mentioned the factory recommendation is 75 Hz, read the post guys... Windows does not default at 75Hz, it defaults at 60Hz, like many things you have to tell it what it can handle. You make it sound like I'm maxing out my monitor... what a joke... I have been running it for more than a year now at 75hz and it will continue to run well after I replace it and even so I would prefer to max out my monitor much more than my eyes.

Anyway I resolved it... I removed Linux... Walla, no problem (and it was only for this reason, body functions are priceless)

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