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Exclamation Re: From default NV at 75 vert HZ to nvidia at max 58Hz, what's wrong?

Originally Posted by BoardDWorld

The rest of you guys it is "very" noticeable... I think mentioned this... There is a constant wave through my monitor at 60Hz which does aggravate my eyes. It starts from the top right corner and constantly ripples through to the bottom left corner. 75Hz does "NOT" have this constant wave.
The constant wave is, very likely, a cable problem.

Regarding the 60/75 Hz, an LCD does not have any flicker even at 24Hz,
for the very basic reason that the picture is not "flashed" like in CRT, but
it is "static" over the frame time (well, with rise/fall time limitations).

Not only this, but very likely your refresh rate is still 60Hz, even at 75Hz input.

In general, for LCD, better picture quality is achieved with lower refresh rate
and especially with analog connected one.

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