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Default Re: Bug Tracker for Nvidia Linux driver related bugs?

Originally Posted by pe1chl
I do not agree with that. A read option on an official bug tracking page would be nice, but we really don't need another place to dump unstructured whining and complaining.
Remember that someone has to maintain it, remove the duplicates, remove the trash, etc.
And a developer has to read the valid bugs, and crosscompare all this with the official bugtracking list.
To me it sounds like a huge waste of time better spent on useful work.
Making an unofficial bug tracker system is to actually achieve the excact opposite. It's to get structured tracking of bugs and to inform others that they are not alone with a specific bug. Here on the forums numerous duplicate threads gets posted almost every day. With a bug tracking system you can just mark them duplicate and people can communicate alot better about specific bugs. This is not primarily for the nvidia developers. Think of it as a bug tracking system for the users which is read-only for nvidia.
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