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Arrow Suggestion for the Central-Gaming forum mods

Goes especially for Jackup & lee63 :
I noticed that some Source-based & Doom3-engine based games not being posted in thier appropriate sub-forums.
exmaple : Dark Messiah news & Prey news (demos , news , mods ..etc)
any reason for that ??

& let me quote myself here :
Originally Posted by SH64
Cant blame ya for the OFN as some Source-based titles are not being posted in the Source forum & other D3-based titles not being posted in the Doom3/Quake 4 forum which is kinda wierd & dosent make sense at all ... (like someone wants these sub-forums to die & go away..)
that was in reponse for a member posting news in the correct forum.

my suggestion is to move back all related threads to thier appropriate sub-forums so users know exaclty where to look & at same time keep these sub-forums alive as more titles using thier engine(s) come out

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