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Default nx7800 and linux driver support


I have just bought a nx7800 to fit into my old motherboard ( wich does agp 8x).
I am currently using an Ubuntu linux distribution "drapper drake"
I already have "anoyed" people on their forum to get some hints on getting my card to work.
I'll just do the same here.

I installed the nvidia driver accordingly to their procedure... wich got me stuck with a gnome freezing after five ( or so ) minutes of work.
Second i installed the nvidia driver via the ".run" installer availaible at nvidia.
This got me the same problem and may be more.

I first tried the drivers on a Gentoo.
on this case: i had a launching Xorg but it freezed as soon as the Kde i installed started. When i rebooted the system i had always got loss of inodes ( fschk and reparing had been possible the few first times). Biut as the test were going on i had a "unreparable' file system.

I choosed a less 'technical' distribution (although i think even if it needs consoles and compiling , Gentoo stays user friendly).. goto Ubuntu

As i loaded the latest driver avalaible on ubuntu : the '8762' version of the driver
I had got an Xorg loading but freezing after a few minutes of work (same as Gentoo). I then choosed a less new version of the driver ... the first offering support for the nx7800 ( version: '8756' ).
After trying this one i get the same error.

One thing tha bugs me...
as i look into the /proc/ directory:
jerome@cherokee:~$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0
Model:           GeForce 7800 GS
IRQ:             209
Video BIOS:      ??.??.??.??.??
Card Type:       AGP
However when the driver is loaded into Xorg:
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce 7800 GS at PCI:1:0:0
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoRAM: 262144 kBytes
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoBIOS:
Why does it bugs me ? is the Video BIOS : ??.??.??.??.?? or ???

I tried the "AGP" debugging discussed into the README file.
But my Ubuntu seems to disagree on unloading the agpgart and sis_agp modules... ( always used ) ... i'll see it through into the ubuntu forum ... however changing the NvAGP option changes the behavior of Xorg as when i set it to 0 or 1 i get a screen for some short time ( Xorg loads ... works then freezes ) and when i set it to 2 or 3 Xorg seems to load but i only get a black screen.
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