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Default Re: Black stripe on the right side, using Flatpanel with analog VGA

Tried to add modelines in my xorg.conf. No diference at all.
As I try to change the settings in xvidtune I recieve an error when pressing "apply":
Sorry: You have requested a mode-line
That is not possible, or not supported by your
hardware configuration
Just starting xvidtune and just hit apply with it's default values gives the error too

Checking the output from the terminal where startx where executed:
xf86CheckModeForDriver: called with invalid scrnInfoRec
This message appear each time I try to apply any changes made in xvidtune.
Looks like xvidtune can't change the settings with the newer drivers.

So xvidtune seems not to be the solution, and those modelines I took from the older driver are not making any difference, tried to comment them out and back aswell.

Still using the older drivers since they work
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