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Default Re: Dual core AMD 3800+, SLI ASUS 7600 GT x2, X Windows lockup with smp kernel

I'm unable to log on to the PC from remote host when error happens. So the generated log file contains only data when the X server is running.

To reproduce all I have to do is to log out the current user. And that happens every time I try to log out. Then the system hangs and in about 5 to 10 secs it restarts. The info that I found in the system logs is the one that I posted earlier.

If I go to text console while the system is in runlevel 5 and I issue an init 3 command the system will go to runlevel 3 and everything is ok. If I issue init 5 after that the X will be started. Only if I try to log out the system hangs.

I'm using KDE as desktop and the system is with all updates installed.
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