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Default Re: nVidia410 driver+ kernel

The crash is almost unreproducible. When I launch Opera screen flashes several times and I get black screen or X login screen. When I got black screen I reboot box by power-button
The logs are made not immediately after crash. Opera didn't start after last login so I just renamed settings (~/.opera), reinstalled it and restored settings. From that moment it worked fine.

If the bug will reappear you will get immediate logs but I am not focused on resolving that problem now. At worst I will fall back to default FB/SVGA driver but I need networking working!
active problem: Linux/Gigabyte K8N51GMF (GeF6100/nF410/S754/mATX)/Sempron 2600+/satellite internet sharing {ADSL:RTL8139+LAN:"iPRO1000/GT"+DVB:SkyStar2)
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