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Default Why NVIDIA should already have support for xorg-7.1

There's been some discussion about why NVIDIA's graphics drivers don't already support xorg-7.1 and why we are having to wait for such support.

Much of this is based on the argument that NVIDIA shouldn't have to answer to specific distributions and while there's some argument here, they seem quite happy to be ahead of the game with Windows support, so you might ask why Linux is any different (and the answer will most likely be that they have more Windows users). I'll let this slide. It's doesn't actually have anything to do with why NVIDIA should already have a driver capable of supporting xorg-7.1. I just wanted to raise this line of thinking in the hope that we can put it to sleep and look at why NVIDIA really should be supporting xorg-7.1 already.

So, why should NVIDIA already be supporting xorg-7.1, even thought no distribution has produced a stable distrobution using xorg-7.1?

The answer to this is simple. NVIDIA proposed the changes to xorg-7.1 and as such they should stand by those changes.

Xorg (and XFREE86) often breaks compatibility with the NVIDIA drivers, and while this is frustrating (especially NVIDIA's often slow response) it's understandable that NVIDIA might not just to address this issue.

But in this case, NVIDIA actually proposed the break in the xorg API and as such I would (and do) expect a much better response from NVIDIA. Put another way, in this case, NVIDIA got the changes they wanted, but have failed to deliver their half of the problem.

You can read all about NVIDIA's proposal at which includes a whitepaper written by Andy Ritger who works for NVIDIA and presented as XDefConf 2006. In this whitepaper Mr Ritger argues "the case for using the existing XFree86/X.Org DDX loadable driver framework to achieve a production-quality composited X desktop."

So, why is it that having made their case and received the changes they requested in xorg, NVIDIA has failed to deliver on their part of the equation. This isn't a simple case of keeping up with changes others have inflicted upon themselves, it's a case of NVIDIA failing to support changes they themselves have proposed.

What gives NVIDIA?
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