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Default Re: nx7800 and linux driver support

So at some point this is not a card suppord issue for 7800GS but some configuration or my hardware ( motherboard ) that is failing.

just compiled kernel and recompiled the nvidia module for it.
restarted: always the same result.

this should be a xorg.conf problem or a module ( nvidia ) problem...

IF i could'nt load the module: i would not even get a Xorg starting.
IF i had a realy misconfigured Xorg.conf i would not start too.

What i can do : play with the nvidia driver options under Xorg, and adding 'nopentium' and 'noagp' to my kernel definitions under grub. I am doing the first, i have done the second, with poor result.

You got it working?
- With wich driver ?
- what architecture does your kernel uses and what is the configuration of your kernel ( agp as modules or included ), support for vesafb compiled in or not, ... ?
- What are the modules loaded when your session is started?
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