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Default NVidia drivers causing audio problems

Okay, this has been driving me nuts for a while....

I'm running a triple head setup using an MSI GF4 TI4400 128MB to drive the primary and secondary displays (21" and 17" CRTs respectively) and a TNT2 M64 PCI to drive the tertiary display (also a 17" CRT).

My problem is that with the accellerated NVidia drivers enabled, my audio sounds scratchy, like I'm listening to a very weak radio station.

The problem seems to be caused by the PCI card, because if I disable it, the sound is fine. If I disable the NVidia drivers and use the plain nv driver that comes with XFree86, the sound is also fine. There's nothing wrong with the PCI card, I tried replacing it with a PCI GF4 MX440 with the same result. The sound card is an SB Live and I've tried both OSS and ALSA with no discernible difference in the sound.

I'm currently using the 4191 drivers, I tried the 4349 but they refuse to give me any output on the secondary head of the TI4400 - and the sound is still scratchy.

I'm currently using Mandrake 9.1, the problem was the same with 9.0. I've tried different kernels, compiling my own and modifying Mandrake's enterprise and multimedia kernels. I've also trying changing PCI latency settings with setpci, all to no avail. I've also tried moving the PCI boards to different slots in case there was an IRQ conflict causing the problem.

Hardwarewise, I'm using a Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard with dual Athlon MP2000+ CPUs and 1 gb RAM.

Any ideas?
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