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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Funny in a way seeing how much further everyone have gotten, but used to it given I'm in a guild with a fair number of people lvl 40+ and 50+. Then again, having peeps who know the quests before I face them helps, even if we're not yet ready to play together...

Right now, I've got 5 chars, though the now lvl 22 paly is the one I've been playing most of late. He's also got 161 blacksmithing and 149 or so mining as professions, and in some cases had purchased through auction house recipees for his mid lvl 20s gear...

Got him to Auberdine last week, where I started doing some of the Elf quests also, as well; I'm thinking of getting a tiger for a pet for him latter on Must needs build up rep with the night elfs for that, as I understand it...

Only thing is, I need to get on with finishing the lvl 20 paly quest somewhere along the line, which starts in dead mines (from this point), and ends with getting the kor gem, for which I was offered the quest in Auberdine... Also got the rest of the defias brotherhood quest (also in deadmines) in Westfalls, which I've been waiting on. One really does need several people to go after those, being dungeons, with I gather higher lvl monsters in it, to complete the class quest...
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