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Exclamation Re: Nvidia go7600 on Asus laptop


Also want to confirm that my A6T has experienced the White Screen with some garbage lines scrolling across the top after exiting or starting 3D Apps.

This system is running XP Pro not Unix/Linux. It is also using 84.66 nvidia drivers (stock preinstalled drivers). The bios is 0209 (which seems odd since the websites list 0301 as the first release).

Have dl'd 0601 but have not yet installed - doesn't seem to be an option to backup prev. bios in Winflash either .

Have been using Wolf ET (game) and 3dMax 7.5. Many hours of use without problem. However, at least 5 times (in 2 weeks) white screen has occurred forcing a complete power down and reboot. However the majority of this laptops use has not been 3d.

Someone mentioned 70 c , I also monitored 70c after several hours of gaming. It's quite scary. I elevate the laptop to allow some airlfow beneath it but even that isn't enough. The laptop is rock solid for stability except for the problem involving the white screen.

There is a usb fan unit available that sits beneath any laptop (you might have seen them too). I might invest in one of those.

I hope this is not a permanent error. I'll keep monitoring this thread.
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