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Default Re: Why NVIDIA should already have support for xorg-7.1

Originally Posted by mintSlice
So, why should NVIDIA already be supporting xorg-7.1, even thought no distribution has produced a stable distrobution using xorg-7.1?
Oh really? I'm from the Fedora camp and let me say Fedora Core 5 would get Xorg 7.1 as a testing update about a month ago (and probably as a stable update till now), if there weren't NVIDIA users complaining.

There are other distributions shipping Xorg 7.1 as an option, but defaulting to 7.0 for the same reason.

Look at it this way: Xorg 7.1 is here for months, it is a released stable version of the X server. The NVIDIA folks have only two components to watch for (Xorg and Linux, the kernel), not distributions. New versions of X come up rarely (at the rate of Windows service packs, perhaps) and it's just not right to keep us waiting for months after a change in the code (see the link above - the change happened over 8 months ago, it was known to break the driver at that point, so it was even possible to make it available before Xorg 7.1 release).

But now there's no need to cry anymore. I've heard NVIDIA has our driver ready and they'll be releasing it this week.

Now that we (almost) have Xorg 7.1 support, can we ask really, really politely for AIGLX support? Pleease!
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