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Default Re: GeForce Go linux drivers


According to your bug report, the problem is that you're requesting invalid modes in xorg.conf. The only valid mode in the EDID for the display is 1280x800@60, yet you've requested 1280x800@80 and 1024x768.
The "nv" driver (which I am using until we can solve the problem with the "nvidia" driver) does not recognize the "1280x800" mode so I added a mode line for it. I found mode lines for 1280x800@60, 1280x800@70 and 1280x800@80 and they all worked fine so I left the last in place.

Does this problem persist if you request a "1280x800" mode?
I removed the ModeLine and tried "1280x800", "1280x800@60" and "1280x800_60" but the problem persists. X starts but the display is black. I know that X has started because if I move the mouse to the left a bit where I expect there to be an xterm and type "exit", I return back to the VT where I ran startx.

I've uploaded another bug report.

In the future, please do not send/post the same issues to both and nvnews. One method is sufficient, as the same people from NVIDIA monitor both.
Sorry. Let's continue here since others are experiencing the same problem and will benefit from our exchange.


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