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Default When rude people annoy the hell out of one

So here I was, doing a quest, and did all the work in WoW for the corrupted quest. I gathered the water, got the stores, and wanted to finish the thing before the reset. Draw out the sytire for the kill, and up jumps some person and starts killing my quest boss, that I summoned, and he didn't lift a fricken finger to do, party, or anything.

And when all is said and done, the SOB's only words are "well I got the quest", completely pleased of himself. So now I don't have the quest items to summon it again, and can't continue unless I abandon quest, and start again. I swear, they aught to bind the quest monsters to the person who summons them, so only they, or someone who is partied to them can get quest credit for their death, regardless of who tries to interfere with someone elses quest.

The servers were set for a rollign restart about 2 mins after he stole my quest from me...
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