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Originally posted by Captain Beige
the 9800 non-pro date is irrelevant. 9800 non-pro is not an ATI card and has not been announced by ATI. it's a connect3d card and when they want to put it out is up to them.

people in the US have the 9800pro. it is available - if you really wanted to you could have it shipped fromUS. I don't see any reason why the delivery date is unbelievable, but even if it is wrong it doesn't change the fact that the 9800pro is out.

btw, dabs is crap for making new cards available. they're usually about a month behind. one of the first places to get the 9700pro was, but I wouldn't recommend buying from them.
Oh? I've been pretty happy with stuff i have gotten from overclockersUK. Plus i HAVE tried to get one shipped from the US. I pre-ordered a VisionTek XTASY 9800 PRO on which was due to be shipped on the 31st March. Then they emailed me and told me they didnt know when they were getting some in. I checked back today and it says "Pre-order shipping April 1st" its now April 3rd and it still says it. Ive seen people on ebay selling them for about 320 and saying they will be shipped from the US but id rather just get a card from a proper store (better that way if anything goes wrong).

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