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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

Oh, check it out. The sheer audacity of this guy. After the restart, we weren't where we had walked to, but back in the camp, as the last few instances weren't saved by the server. So after, all was said and done, and he patted himself on the back and pretty much threw it in my face how he stole my quest, hahahaha; I'm killing the monsters off, and he starts complaining "why didn't you heal me"?

Umm, like after he kills my quest boss, having bolted in, took first hit, and then lured it far away from the summoning zone, I then owe him something, and it's my responsibility to keep someone who takes from me, alive... I'm like, "but you're the one who took my quest, why should I go out of my way, and possibly die myself, to save you?" So he's then like "what of it, heal me, heal me now, I demand it..."

Meh, after all that was done, he can die for all I care. I told some friends online, and when I got done, they were like "I wouldn't have taken that... If it were me, I would have hostiled, and killed him then and there..."
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