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Default Re: Dual core AMD 3800+, SLI ASUS 7600 GT x2, X Windows lockup with smp kernel

Does this also reproduce if you set vag=normal instead of vga=0x318 (and reboot)?

Yes it does.

Does the hang occur only when using both videocards in X?

I haven't used the cards in SLI mode yet, except for few games under windows. My main requirement is multi-display so I've only been using them in two card mode.
If I should try this please write in your next post.

Also I have additional information that you may find interesting.
Problem occurs when I start Windows (Windows XP Pro SP2). If I try to log on to the system until there is absolutely no disk activity the system resets itself. If I manage to log on to the system then there are absolutely no problems whatsoever.
I haven't noticed this until now because my primary OS is FC5.
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